When we begin to listen to our soul, there is a shift in our consciousness, allowing for an emergence of the “whole” person, resulting in an overall change to take place!



Encouraging support and knowledge, toward “whole” person wellness, inner peace, personal growth, and fitness!


Meet Cheryl Wheeler, MA

Trained as a *counselor -therapist I’ve come to find a more fulfilling approach through the practice of Transformational Life Coach. Online therapy  (coaching sessions), and Telephone Sessions are available anywhere across the globe!

Online therapy, (Life Coaching Sessions), telephone sessions and in-person sessions.  Measuring success is something you will be able to see and feel first hand. I have worked with many people, male and female. Once we begin to understand the origin (beginnings) of what is holding one back, then we can observe the patterns and move forward.
My experience is that once a person can make the connection between the point of origin and the current beliefs or behavioral patterns. Once the connection is made with new/adapted patterns of thinking and behaviors take place and one is able to move forward! Here’s how that looks:

  • Make the observation.
  • Take ownership and acknowledge what we have done.
  • At this point, the behavioral adapted changes will occur.
  • It’s a learning process, learning to trust self.

Now offering hand-picked products that I have personally found to be beneficial to my own health and well being!
*counselor – therapist (psychotherapist),  adheres to the concept of the medical disease model of mental disorders prescribes.  Mainly, that the client is viewed as ill with a   pathological or pathogenic diagnosis in need of treatment.

Holistic is the Combination & Inclusion of Mind, Body, and Spirit

I believe we all have the answers within;  the key to unlocking those answers is what we work on in session!


Together we learn how to apply analytic thinking from business application and adapt it to creating a catalyst of change. This change occurs when we are able to see full spectrum, our reactions, and reactive behaviors.   As your Transformational Life Coach, we can work together in finding new and effective ways of moving forward.


Online therapy aka counseling coaching sessions also available. When we begin to listen to our soul and seek assistance through our support system or professionals, there is a  shift in our consciousness and change will be able to take place!  Personal healthy empowerment and inner peace are among the goals behind all of the approaches that I use in session.


Hours flexible to meet your individual needs, including weekends! Online therapy aka coaching sessions also available.

  1. Mid-Town Phoenix Office
    1675 E. Morten Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85020
  2. Virtual Online  – Wecounsel https://portal.wecounsel.com/directory/conciergeonlinecoachcherylwheeler

Alititude Office

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