When Stress Becomes Trauma

“Stress becomes traumatic when stressors overwhelm the individual’s capacity to cope. The idea that every person has a “break­ing point” is based on the observation that everyone has limits and when those bounda­ries are crossed traumatic response develops. Traumatic stress is by definition, an experi­ence in which the survival of the whole be­ing is at stake and it responds with the “fight, flight, or freeze” response. Hans Selye first defined the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) as a predictable response to stress after he observed rats that he exposed to toxic chemicals or frigid water develop gastrointes­tinal, cardiovascular, and respiratory illness as well as generalized depression and dis­tress.” Stress Trauma

Trauma or surgery may require up to 20 percent more calories. 2 Additionally, crutching requires two to three times more energy than walking. Insufficient energy intake (80 percent of total requirements) for 10 days can reduce muscle protein synthesis by 20 percent, thus impacting rate of complete recovery.” Nutrition for Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation

“Stress and trauma affect the metabolism of the individual and the community. The ability to find and absorb the nourishment of food as well as the nourishment of friendship. In response to chronic stress, people feel depressed, help­less, anxious, irritable, and then they blame themselves for feeling that way. These feel­ings often lead to self-medication with sugar and carbohydrates, drugs, alcohol, sex, and other activities.” Relationship Between Stress Trauma Type 2 Diabetes


Healthy Power and Control

The choice is yours – heal in the way that is pure to you. Work with a professional who understands what you have experienced and can take the journey of healing with you, having someone on your side is beneficial! Body memory can also be released through yoga, massage, acupuncture, energy work, and more. Nutritional healing, Remember the importance to balance your healing!


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