Partners of Sexual Addicts

The devastation felt by partners may involve feelings of betrayal, confusion, angry, lonely and leave you questioning your own self-esteem. Partners learn how to recognize that it is not their fault and to stop asking the “what if” scenarios. By working through feelings of victimization in this shared experience, we begin to find witness and support in personal growth, self-realization, and self-transformation leading to a new sense of resiliency.The term “sexual addiction” describes those who engage in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviors despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others. Sexual addiction affects woman as well as men.

More Partners of Sexual Addicts

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Stress Busters from Your Kitchen and Bath

In today’s world of “hustle and hurry”, stress levels are being pushed ever higher.  We replay and lament events of the day instead of enjoying quality time with our families.  Instead of restful sleep, we toss and turn, anticipating the challenges of the coming day.  In some cases, the source of the stress may be impossible to identify.  In the search for relief, some self-medicate with alcohol or drugs in order to cope and live up to obligations, which only creates new problems.  Finding healthy ways to break the cycle of stress is a very necessary tool to protect our health. … More Stress Busters from Your Kitchen and Bath

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